Talkback AT Award 2023

Talkback wins Architecture Today Award 2023

November 2023

Talkback has won the Workplace category for the Architecture Today Awards 2023.

The judges said: “This is a project that has adapted, chameleon-like, to changes in use; most recently from production studios to boutique hotel. More astonishing still, each of these incarnations appears to have been carried off with effortless aplomb.”

Our scheme for the television production company created a workspace for 250 people along with a TV studio, editing facilities, rehearsal space, and a separate apartment. Completed in 2001, the building took its cue from a collegiate research environment and the domestic Arts and Crafts Movement. Talkback is a television production company that works in a middle ground between research and business. In 2017, the building was converted to the Mandrake Hotel by Manalo & White Architects, retaining the majority of the original architectural design and becoming the third iteration of this set of early 20th Century buildings.

The Architecture Today Awards are designed to showcase, celebrate and share knowledge about buildings that have stood the test of time. All of the finalists have been in use for at least three years and can demonstrate a strong track record for delivering on their environmental, functional, community and cultural ambitions.

Copper Lane was also a finalist in the Housing category.