The Yard, University of Roehampton London 2011–2012
The Yard is an experimental brick court and is the first built phase of our masterplan for the University. It replaces a former trades yard and workshops. The existing Digby Stuart College chapel, and a café and shop open onto this new public space.

‘Beyond the initial sense of unity and coherence lie a variety of details that carefully articulate and suggest how the space may be used.’ Hugh Strange, 2013

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  • 9101_N331.jpg
    The Yard gives a clear physical indication of the approach and philosophy informing the wider masterplan, making sense of the incremental and piecemeal additions that have been made to the campus over the years
  • 9101_N217.jpg
    The Yard refers to the type of working yard often found nearby the stable blocks of grand houses
  • 9101_N335.jpg
    The scheme incorporates the garden wall of James Wyatt's grade II listed Grove House and historic garden
  • 9101_N220.jpg
    The new works have been completed almost entirely in brick, lending a consistent material expression to the space and presenting an essay in the use of brickwork
  • 9101_N334.jpg
    The historic garden wall was reduced in height, repointed and limewashed and then stabilised with new brick buttresses
  • 9101_N353.jpg
    The perimeter of the Yard incorporates various elements that invite a use, here a niche bench built into the wall
  • 9101_N250.jpg
    A new external link cut through the Newman Building links Froebel and Digby Stuart Colleges
  • 9101_N354.jpg
    Here, looking south to the Yard from the Newman Link
  • 9101_N257.jpg
    Water struck, these unusual bricks are 210mm x 48mm x 70mm, and when fired turn purple, silver, brown and red. The sheer weight of the masonry is revealed by the load-bearing Flemish-bond bench walls


  • Appointment: 2017
  • Construction start: 2011
  • Completion: 2012
  • Area: 5186m2
  • Budget: £1.1m
  • Form of contract: Traditional
  • Client: University of Roehampton
  • Contractor: Exel
  • Services Engineer: Michael Popper Associates
  • Structural Engineer: Techniker
  • Quantity Surveyor: Hother Associates
  • Lighting Consultant: CSG


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  • New London Awards, Public Space Category, (Shortlisted) 2013
  • Brick Award, Best Outdoor Space, 2012
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