Wingene Care Campus Wingene, Belgium 2011–

For most, old age means physical frailty or dementia and a need for care. Instead, this Care Campus in West Flanders offers a home to residents who are at very different stages of their lives and have varying needs in terms of assistance. The “house” structure, variety of care studios, and garden and landscape setting conjures up a world that dignifies the life of its residents.

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    The campus provides residential studios for 155 residents as well as day care and a community focus for a wider population
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    The masterplan sets out a quilt of buildings (or houses) and outside spaces in a free chequerboard pattern. Six linked buildings each correspond with a number of adjacent landscapes. Residents here live in the landscape
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    The buildings are modelled on the Belgian courtyard farmhouse
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    Each is planned around a court which celebrates one of the five senses. The left hand diagram illustrates the sensory courtyard gardens and the right hand one the landscape "rooms" between the houses
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    Central building, closest to the town centre, houses all the communal facilities and forms a bridge between the campus and the neighbourhood
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    Orchard framed by three of the houses - simple forms rendered in variegated earthen colours
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    Studios are grouped in clusters of 3 or 4, 15 per floor, to forge social bonds at an intimate level. These are then paired both horizontally between houses and vertically around a courtyard bringing together the optimum group of 30
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    The design eliminates the corridor in favour of a series of connected social spaces set in a series of gardens and courtyards. This enriches accidental encounters outside the residents’ studios
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    Isometric - combining the vertical structure of a 2-storey courtyard with the lateral structure of paired houses provides the foundation for the social integration of residents, and efficient management of their care by staff and volunteers


  • Area: 10,444m2
  • Budget: €20.6m
  • Client: V2W Amphora
  • : Competition, Final Six
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