Wick Park London 2018–2023

Residential building for 330 students, incubator workspace for graduates, and artists’ studios, exhibition and performance space for Stour Space on Fish Island in Hackney Wick, just west of the Olympic Park. The scheme was granted detailed planning in 2019 and completed in 2023.

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    Fish Island and Hackney Wick has a rich heritage of industrial architecture, a mixture of warehouse and factory space…
  • 9_1807_Photo_Stour_Road_DG_14_web
    …characterised by its diversity, robust and authentic construction. The proposals draw on this industrial heritage
  • 9_1807_Stour Road_©Rory Gaylor_2336_medium
    Entrance forecourt to the commercial yard, one of two new public spaces
  • 9_1807_PRDrawings_A5_Print_190924-1.jpg
    The design recalls the historic arrangement of the now demolished John Broadwood & Sons piano factory (Fish Island, 1949)
  • 3000_91807_pln_site_Proposed_A5V_190618.jpg
    Highlighted in bold, the scheme falls within the London Legacy Development Area
  • 9_1807_Photo_Stour_Road_DG_05_web
    The student accommodation
  • 3000_91807_pln_00_A5V_190924.jpg
    The design creates a new urban block punctuated by a yard and a public route through the scheme
  • 3000_91807_sec_AA_A5V_190924_Colour.jpg
    The layout of the student accommodation on the upper floors is structured around the two new courtyards
  • 9_1807_Stour Road_©Rory Gaylor_2366_medium
    Communal kitchen dining spaces and glazed corridors face inwards, overlooking the courtyards
  • 91807stale 3
    Facade study model, courtyard elevation
  • 3000_91807_pln_01_A5V_190924.jpg
    Study bedrooms face the street giving each resident privacy from the communal life of the courtyard and views of the neighbourhood
  • 9_1807_Photo_Stour_Road_RG_17_web
    Grand masonry facades of brick piers and arched precast concrete lintels recall the industrial past
  • 9_1807_Stour Road_©Rory Gaylor_2334_medium
    These contrast with brightly coloured windows that reflect the creative community
  • 9_1807_Stour Road_©Rory Gaylor_2419_medium
    The second quadrangle is a public yard and focus for Stour Space’s activities in a separate 5-storey building flanking the east side of the space
  • 9_1807_Stour Road_©Rory Gaylor_2428_medium
    Stour Space’s industrial interiors open onto decks at each level


  • Appointment: 2018
  • Completion: 2023
  • Client: Future Generation / University of the Arts London / Stour Trust
  • Planning Authority: London Legacy Development Corporation
  • Landscape Architect: James Blake Associates
  • Heritage Consultant: Heritage Collective
  • Structural Engineer: Meinhardt
  • Services Engineer: Elementa Consulting
  • Cost Consultant: K2 Consultancy
  • Principal Designer: Collaton Safety
  • Daylight and Sunlight Consultant: Eb7
  • Fire Consultant: AESG
  • Arboricultural Consultant: Treavour Heaps Consultancy
  • Archaeological Consultant: Archaeology Collective
  • Land Contamination: Merebrook
  • Transport Consultant: Motion
  • Statement of Community Involvement: Connect Consulting
  • Student Accommodation Needs: Knight Frank


  • Rowan Moore, ‘Heft and High Ideals’, in: The Observer (Guardian Media Group, London, 19 November 2023), p.29
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