The Waldron London 2003–2010

Designed to change people’s perception of healthcare, the Waldron is planned around a new civic square framed by the health centre, shops, a cafe and housing. Inside, the centre is organised around two courtyard gardens and a 5-storey foyer with artwork by artist Martin Richman.

‘Waldron is elegant, urbane and it works – a towering exception to the rule of contemporary health centre architecture and a building that will endure.’ Kieran Long, 2011

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  • 0307_N363.jpg
    The Waldron frames two public spaces. The first is a square
  • 0307_N411.jpg
    Arcades and canopies line the new square. The residential building on the North (left) side of the model photo is yet to be built
  • 0307_N178.jpg
    The second public space, the allotments, seen from the South
  • 0307_N364.jpg
    Detail of timber façade and steel letters
  • 0307_N84.jpg
    Etching of building seen from North West and South East
  • 0307_N331.jpg
    First floor plan - four clinical clusters arranged around a central foyer and two garden courts
  • 0307_N189.jpg
    Central foyer
  • 0307_N192.jpg
    Foyer and stair
  • 0307_N188.jpg
    South cloister leading from the foyer to a clinical cluster. The space is illuminated on both sides and overlooks the allotments
  • 0307_N187.jpg
    Waiting room overlooking a garden courtyard with the clinical cluster on the left and cloister on the right
  • 0307_N194.jpg
    Consulting room
  • 0307_N362.jpg
    North court garden
  • 0307_N185.jpg
    Outdoor 'room' adjacent to third floor staff offices and conference facilities


  • Appointment: 2003
  • Construction start: 2006
  • Completion: 2010
  • Area: 6029m2
  • Budget: £13.4m
  • Sustainable credentials: CO2 emissions/m² treated floor area: 66.29kgCO2/m²; NEAT Excellent Rating
  • Form of contract: Design & Build
  • Client: Developer: Building Better Health; Public Sector: Lewisham PCT
  • Contractor: Willmott Dixon
  • Services Engineer: Ramboll
  • Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
  • Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon
  • Landscape Architect: Landscape Projects
  • Artwork: Martin Richman
  • Project Management: Davis Langdon
  • Transport Consultant: Alan Baxter Associates
  • Planning Consultants: Urban Practitioners


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  • AIT Global Award for the very best of Interior and Architecture, Health + Care Category, (Shortlisted) 2012
  • Design & Health International Academy Awards, International Health Project (Under 40,000sqm), 2011
  • International Property Awards, Public Service Architecture London UK, (Commendation) 2011
  • World Architecture Festival Award, Health Category, (Shortlisted) 2011
  • LIFT Awards, Design, (Runner-up) 2009
  • Building Better Healthcare Awards, Best Primary Care Design, 2008
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