Two Pancras Square London 2008–

Offices are instruments of business, untidy and evolving environments always in a state of flux. They are also, due to the time we spend in them, integral to our lives. Although unbuilt, our design for Two Pancras Square, in response to an invited competition organised by Kings Cross masterplanner Allies & Morrison and developer Argent, sought to make a building of substance that would endure in the city.

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    Two Pancras Square seeks to create a working environment that is intimately connected to its surroundings and to the theatre that the streetlife, cafes and shops will bring to the adjoining Square
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    A canopy provides shelter from downdrafts, sun and rain, and ‘contains’ the cacophony of shopfronts and signage
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    Model photo – Two Pancras Square recalls Mies van der Rohe’s 1923 Concrete Office Building Project
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    Façade studies
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    The colour palette takes its cue from Gilbert Scott’s nearby St Pancras hotel
  • 0804_N20.jpg
    Strata of pink-red concrete and glass
  • 0804_N13.jpg
    Looking in and up at the elevations, the concrete strata mask body parts and paraphernalia below the desks
  • 0804_N9.jpg
    Uninterrupted horizontal glazing gives staff panoramic views of London
  • 0804_N18.jpg
    Staff may step directly onto terraces from the office floors to take a break in the square or to work outside
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    Energy efficiency: compared to a fully glazed building, the façades are more economic to construct, and significantly reduce solar gain and heat loss, both of which reduce the load on mechanical systems
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    Two Pancras Square at dusk
  • 0804_N27.jpg
    Office floorplate – a central core achieves the optimum internal environment. The scheme employs a 1.5m planning grid and 9m structural grid. The glass and fret cut gold stainless steel canopy wraps around the plan at 1st floor level


  • Area: 14,289m2
  • Client: Argent (Kings Cross Ltd)
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