Two Houses London 2001–2005

‘In their particularity and invention they (Two Houses) demonstrate the potential for rethinking the small house.’ Pierre d’Avoine, 2006

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  • 0115_North_House_N14.jpg
    Two Houses occupy a site where once there were three
  • 0115_North_House_N13.jpg
    This pair of houses offers an essay in updating the tradition of the London terrace to suit the 21st Century
  • 0115_North_House_N17.jpg
    The timber-clad garden elevation of the two houses
  • 0115_North_House_N18.jpg
    The ground floor dining space in the North House is lit by an open stair between the first & second floors
  • 0115_North_House_N10.jpg
    Piano Nobile living space, North House
  • 0115_North_House_N15.jpg
    An hyperbolic roof characterises the North House’s living space
  • 0115_South_House_N9.jpg
    Ground floor kitchen, dining & living space, South House
  • 0115_South_House_N10.jpg
    Stair from ground to second floor living space, South House: the two bedrooms and a bathroom on the middle floor are concealed from the reception rooms, and are reached by another secret stair
  • 0115_South_House_N11.jpg
    Second floor living space, South House (stair to ground floor on right)
  • 0115_N2.jpg
    Courtyard garden, North House: bricks salvaged from the previous houses are used to corral the two houses and gardens


  • Appointment: 2001
  • Construction start: 2004
  • Completion: 2005
  • Area: 370m2
  • Budget: £675.000
  • Form of contract: Traditional
  • Client: Private
  • Structural Engineer: Rodrigues Associates
  • Quantity Surveyor: Stockdale
  • Building Control: MLM


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  • Brick Award, Sustainability Award, 2007
  • Hackney Design Awards, 2006
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