Thames Christian School & Battersea Chapel London 2017–2022

Sited next to Clapham Junction railway station in south London, this project brings together the Battersea Chapel Baptist Church and Thames Christian School, an independent coeducational secondary school, under one roof. The new 6-storey 5,000m2 building provides the church with a new community hall and sanctuary, and allows the school to expand to 400 pupils, of which nearly half are on the special educational needs register, whilst enabling the regeneration of the Winstanley Estate.

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  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_NK_16_web
    The Chapel and School share a rectilinear, two-storey plinth that gives the building a civic base
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_David-Grandorge_95_web
    The Chapel’s cross, salvaged from its former building, gives the community a familiar symbol
  • 1706_model-site.jpg
    The building is bound by railway tracks, residential streets, and is overlooked by 11-storey point blocks and 5-storey terraces
  • 3000_9_1706_00_Figure-Ground-Nolli_web
    Plan of the ground floor in context
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_SE_35_web
    Plaster cast study of the building’s façade composition
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_NK_09_2_web
    The building’s unfamiliar scale, form and façade composition establish a civic presence for the Chapel and the School
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_NK_08_web
    The building is both part of and apart from its context
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_NK_07_web
    The School’s elevated playgrounds manifest as large voids in the façade
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_DG_20_web
    The material palette of cream brickwork and grey precast harmonises with the neutral tones of the surrounding streets
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_DG_30_web
    The retained mature trees provide natural shade to the façade
  • 3000_9_1706_00pln_web
    Ground floor plan
  • 1706_model-church-2.jpg
    Model of the Chapel
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_David-Grandorge_94_web
    The Chapel’s congregation gather in the hall and sanctuary, which can be combined into a larger space for baptisms and other big events
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_NK_43_0006_2_web
    The school hall facilitates performance, dining, physical education and assembly, and is shared with the community for use outside of school hours
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_NK_45_0016_1_web
    The proscenium to the school hall and the bi-folding screen allows these spaces to function independently as teaching spaces and together as a performance space
  • 3000_9_1706__models_Eriksen_17_web
    The School's classrooms site atop a civic plinth of assembly hall and Chapel
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_SE_15_web
    The School's upper floors are planned around east and west-facing courtyards that become worlds in microcosm
  • 9_1706_Section_CC
    Cross section
  • 3000_9_1706_01pln_web
    First floor plan
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_David-Grandorge_40_web
    The School's courtyards incorporate gallery circulation that shades classrooms, allowing them to be day-lit and naturally ventilated
  • 9_1706_Section_HH
    Long section
  • 3000_9_1706_04pln_web
    Fourth floor plan
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_David-Grandorge_80_web
    A comfortable learning environment without relying on mechanical cooling
  • 3000_9_1706_Photo_David-Grandorge_72_web
    Specialist teaching spaces are dispersed among general classrooms, bringing students into contact with the school’s diverse curriculum
  • 3000_9_1706_axo_Lines_web
    The building creates a sanctuary for its pupils, with classrooms elevated above ground in a four-storey S-shaped plan


  • Area: 5175m2
  • Budget: £25m
  • Client: Winstanley & York Road LLP
  • Masterplanning: HTA
  • Structural Engineer: Pell Frischman
  • Services Engineer: Desco
  • Quantity Surveyor: Martin Arnold
  • Planning Consultant: Montagu Evans
  • Landscape Architect: Farrer Huxley Associates
  • Acoustic Engineer: AF Acoustics
  • Building Control: MLM
  • Project Manager: Taylor Wimpey
  • Executive Architect: HLM Architects
  • Main Contractor: Midguard



  • RIBA Regional Award, (Winner) 2024
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