Talkback London 1999–2001

The scheme accommodates 250 people, a TV studio, editing facilities and rehearsal space. It takes its cue from a collegiate research environment. Every office has direct access to a central cloistered garden which is the focus for circulation and the life of the organisation.

‘Spaces are designed not so much for specific activities as for inhabitation, pure and simple.’ Irina Davidovci, 2002

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  • 9910_NK_N1.jpg
    East façade of Newman Street building with gardens, hall and lift campanile in foreground. Generally, windows are replaced by doors leading directly onto an external deck, part of the cloister, at every level
  • 9910_NK_N2.jpg
    Balcony view of East façade
  • 9910_High_Res_N13.jpg
    Space between the Newman Street and Newman Passage buildings as found
  • 9910_NK_N3.jpg
    Detail of hall, lift campanile and bridges
  • 9910_NK_N8.jpg
    Aerial shot of multistorey cloister, first floor herb garden (shortly after it was planted) and ground floor courtyard. Each TV production team has an office with its own "front door" onto the cloister
  • 9910_NK_N7.jpg
    Ground floor courtyard with door open to hall. Boxes within the space mask supply and extract ventilation to basement TV studio
  • 9910_NK_N10.jpg
    Central courtyard seen from hall - throughout, conventionally mass produced building products are replaced by handmade windows, doors, ironmongery and lights all of which are set against a backdrop of pink fletton brickwork
  • 9910_NK_N9.jpg
    The entrance, an alley, like Alice's descent into "Wonderland", removes staff and visitors completely from the West End
  • 9910_NK_N12.jpg
    The focus of the hall is a stair not a reception desk. The hall also points to a domesticity that characterises the building
  • 9910_NK_N13.jpg
  • 9910_NK_N14.jpg
  • 9910_NK_N11.jpg
  • 9910_NK_N6.jpg
  • 9910_NK_N5.jpg
  • 9910_NK_N4.jpg


  • Appointment: 1999
  • Construction start: 2000
  • Completion: 2001
  • Area: 2,600m2
  • Budget: £2.5m
  • Form of contract: JCT approximate quantities bill
  • Client: talkbackTHAMES
  • Contractor: Higgins City Ltd
  • Services Engineer: Fulcrum Consulting
  • Quantity Surveyor: BPTW
  • Landscape Architect: Jones Environmental
  • Building Control: MLM
  • Graphic Designer: O'Leary Prescott


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  • Architecture Today Awards, Workplace, (Winner) 2023
  • Best In Europe – Office, judged one of the five best office buildings in Europe, (Commendation) 2004
  • RIBA Award, Award for Architecture, 2002
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