Stratford High Street London 2021–

The project is for a mixed use tower that combines a community pub, workspace, and student accommodation. It is sited at the confluence of three urban lines: Stratford High Street; the DLR railway; and the Channelsea River. Our approach makes a building which is shaped by these intersecting geometries, and which in turn addresses the context in the round. Light plays across the tower’s faceted form throughout the day, its light precast facade exaggerating the articulation of shadows on its surface like a piece of classical sculpture.

The ground is dressed in a refined palette of terrazzo and honed precast. Seen up close, these materials have very lively, smooth surfaces comprising exposed aggregates of varying tones that bring richness to the building and, along with the range of activities within, dignify and enliven this stretch of the high street.

The scheme was granted detailed planning in September 2022

Image 1

  • 9_2101_vis_01
    The site that is bound by the confluence of three infrastructural ribbons: a railway line, a river and a major road.
  • 9_2101_vis_02
    The generous two storey Amenity House at the centre is expressed in the facade and addresses the wider townscape.
  • 9_2101_vis_03
    Bay windows afford views towards a historic district.
  • 9_2101_pln_00_Site
    Site plan
  • 9_2101_vis_08_DetailCloseUp
    Detail of cast concrete
  • 9_2101_pln_05
    Fifth floor plan
  • 9_2101_pln_12
    Twelfth floor plan
  • 9_2101_pln_16
    Sixteenth floor plan. At the top, a two storey crown steps down to address the neighbouring Conservation Area.
  • 9_2101_SHS_V-Interior-1-Foyer-copy
  • 9_2101_Bay-Model
  • 9_2101_photo_hires_Model_View02
  • 9_2101_Stratford-High-Street_Stale_Eriksen_01
    Model of cast concrete
  • 9_2101_ele_Rendered_01
  • 9_2101_ele_Rendered_02
  • 9_2101_Model-Composition
    Model assemblage


  • Appointment: 2021
  • Area: 16160m2
  • Form of contract: Design and Build
  • Client: Dominvs Group / Queen Mary University of London / Made UP Collective
  • Planning Consultant: Knight Frank
  • Structural Engineer: Meinhardt
  • MEP: Meinhardt
  • Landscape Architect: JCLA
  • Façade Consultant: ARUP
  • Fire Consultant: ARUP
  • Townscape Consultant: Tavernors
  • Sustainability Consultant: Elementa
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