The Strand, King's College Quadrangle London 2012–

In 2012, the practice was one of six shortlisted for an RIBA competition to redevelop the Quadrangle at King’s College London’s historic Strand Campus between William Chambers’ Somerset House and Robert Smirke’s King’s Building. The brief sought a stronger identity and improved connectivity for the campus. The new 3,700m2 building beneath this public space accommodates the Learning Commons & 20 seminar rooms.

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    We aim to establish a common ground for students, staff and Londoners
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    Our scheme seeks to extend the student domain into the city and the public realm into The University. So, it is as much about infrastructure as building. The plan shows KCL campus and Somerset House next to the Thames
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    The proposal closes the Strand south of James Gibbs' St Mary-le-Strand and links this new public space between it and the University's Laws Building with the Quadrangle and the Embankment two storeys below
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    The ground and first floors of the Laws Building on the Strand are transformed
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    The Strand entrance is framed by a coffee shop, reception and café. New sash windows open to allow people on and off campus to share the same benches integrated into the façade by our design
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    The Quadrangle creates a new centre of gravity for the University at the crossroads between the Strand Building, Kings Building, Somerset House East Wing and the Embankment
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    Isometric of the Quadrangle showing the public realm connection between the Strand and Embankment
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    Early sketches of the Learning Commons beneath the Quadrangle. We knew the structure would play a vital role in the design of these spaces
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    Two huge tables in the Quad invite students, staff and members of the public alike to gather. These tables incorporate skylights that illuminate and ventilate the Learning Commons below
  • 9126_N11.jpg
    Common Ground – Quadrangle Building looking towards William Chambers' Somerset House. The Learning Commons is an one open and inclined reprogrammable concourse, gradient 1 in 60
  • 9126_N52.jpg
    The new Embankment entrance culminates in a square hall at the centre of which a new stair spirals up to the Learning Commons


  • Budget: £20
  • Client: King’s College London
  • Services Engineer: Buro Happold
  • Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
  • Quantity Surveyor: AECOM
  • : Competition, Final Six
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