St. Petersburg Masterplans St. Petersburg, Russia 2010–2012

These masterplans, commissioned by Russian developer SPB Renovation, provide a structure for the regeneration of three neighbourhoods in St. Petersburg with a combined area of 160 hectares. The neighbourhoods were originally built during the Khrushchev era. Together, the masterplans envisage the construction of 1,333,000m2 of new, predominantly, residential space and a projected population 42,000 people.

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    The 40 hectare Sosnovaya Polyana 7–17 masterplan typifies our approach. Slab blocks set in an open landscape are now integrated into a cohesive public realm framed by buildings that are consistent in height, design and material
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    Sosnovaya Polyana 1–5 & 7–17 'quarters' are 1km by 350m and 1.2km x 350m respectively. The City authorities consider both to be underdeveloped
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    Sosnovaya Polyana 7–17 contrasts two different urban models: the first, ‘traditional’, a series of city blocks that frame the Khrushchev era buildings and a second ‘modern’ one that extends the original pattern.
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    Sosnovaya Polyana 1–5 is planned around a number of existing urban conditions and activities including a collection of existing Italianate classical villas, a large green open space and a University
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    The Sosnovaya Polyana 1–5 scheme formalises a central avenue (seen here) and a number of green open spaces – squares and parks around which the University, Villa and Central Park neighbourhoods are planned
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    Vitebskaya Railroad neighbourhood – all three masterplans incorporate a significant number of existing residential and non-residential buildings
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    Vitebskaya Railroad – the new matrix of thoroughfares and public spaces, including a 'Central Park' that stretches the full length of the neighbourhood gives existing schools, shops and workplaces a public face for the first time


  • Appointment: 2010
  • Completion: 2012
  • Area: 106.9 hectaresm2
  • Client: SPB Renovation
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