St. Luke's, Islington London 2015–2016

This competition design combined 120 new homes with a new public building combining sports and leisure facilities, a health centre, nursery and energy centre.

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    The scheme reframes the west side of St. Luke’s Gardens along with Hawksmoor’s Grade I listed 1733 St. Luke’s church to the south…
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    …and the recently restored Ironmonger Row Baths to the north. Our design foresees the Gardens completed as a historic square
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    Streets are preserved and pedestrian routes improved making the area safer and better connected
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    The new buildings are of an appropriate scale. The taller residential building in the centre of the site is compatible with other taller buildings in the vicinity and does not intrude on the street scene
  • 1603_N10.jpg
    Housing, animated by loggias, creates inhabited frontages on the streets


  • Area: 11,300m2
  • Budget: £49m
  • Client: Islington Council
  • Collaborators: Sergison Bates architects & Tim Ronalds Architects
  • Competition, Final Five:
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