Shepherdess Walk London 1997–1999

The scheme adapts an early C20th industrial building to create 50 loft apartments and ground floor commercial space.

‘This conversion…conjures images of neighbourly interaction over the garden fence, five storeys above the city.’ Corinna Dean 1999

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  • 9703_N56.jpg
    Rooftop pavilions set in a garden landscape: a suburban setting on an urban building
  • 9703_B_W_N10.jpg
    The design transformed the existing courtyard
  • 9703_Photos_Originals_N8.jpg
    South facing balconies in the renovated courtyard. The courtyard floor conceals a newly excavated underground car park
  • 9703_Photos_Originals_N13.jpg
    A new lift tower links the underground car park with the street-level entrance hall and galleries on the upper floors
  • 9703_Photos_Originals_N16.jpg
    Each pavilion and garden is an extension of the penthouse apartment below
  • 9703_Photos_Originals_N14.jpg
    New lightweight construction uses known efficiencies – standard steel sections, in conjunction with a palette of Iroko, zinc and glass providing warmth, enclosure and transparency
  • 9703_Photos_Originals_N12.jpg
    A penthouse loft interior in its raw state
  • 9703_N29.jpg
    Gradually the warm timber and bright zinc have weathered and subdued
  • 9703_N72.jpg
    In the tradition of rooftop structures one material is used for walls and roofs, in this case zinc


  • Appointment: 1997
  • Construction start: 1998
  • Completion: 1999
  • Area: 10223m2
  • Budget: £4.5m
  • Form of contract: Traditional
  • Client: Manhattan Loft Corporation
  • Contractor: William Verry
  • Structural Engineer: John E Foster
  • Quantity Surveyor: BPTW Partnership
  • Landscape Architect: Freemont Landscape Architects
  • Glazing Engineer: Dewhurst MacFarlane


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  • RIBA Award, 2000
  • Crown Estates RIBA Award, (Shortlisted) 2000
  • Blueprint Awards, Best Residential Building of the Year (Refurbishment), (Commendation) 2000
  • British Archaeological Awards AIA Ironbridge Award, (Shortlisted) 2000
  • Guardian National Homebuilder Design, (Shortlisted) 2000
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Awards, (Shortlisted) 2000
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