Poppy Factory London 2017–2021

The scheme unites factory and office staff, and the visiting public by linking the Charity’s three buildings in a single barrier free accessible landscape of connected spaces. The work involves an extension and reconfigured interiors, creating office space, a foyer, exhibition space, auditorium and café.

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    The Warehouse has been adapted to create new office space
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    The Brutalist block at the front of the site continues to be used as the main entrance to The Poppy Factory. The offices it had housed have been replaced by new visitors’ facilities
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    The Poppy Factory was made up of three isolated buildings. Our scheme has linked these three buildings together into one interconnected landscape, creating a campus and a stronger sense of community
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    The new office space
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    The new office space, with the facade opened up to the prospect of the charity’s charming 1930s housing estate to the south
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    It is a monumental and generous space that does not require mechanical cooling
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    Ramps allow people of all abilities were introduced to allow everyone to navigate around the ground floor without assistance, going beyond statutory requirements to provide an environment that is inclusive in the best sense.
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    The design has linked these three buildings together and in doing so has deliberately united office and factory. This has been achieved with a combination of new ramped routes as well as a lift creating level access where floor heights currently vary by as much as 2.5m
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    The introduction of abundant natural light results in the feel of an external space or atrium
  • 9_1702_PR_Cross-Section-1-100_web.jpg
    Cross section through warehouse office space and Art Deco factory
  • 9_1702_L_120-123-Eles_web.jpg
    New south elevation
  • 3000_91702_Photo_NK_poppy38_0099_web.jpg
    The space is further transformed by the introduction of new skylights
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    The redesign creates a public building combining exhibition, presentation spaces and a cafe
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    The Brutalist block at the front of the site continues to be used as the main entrance to The Poppy Factory. The offices it had housed have been replaced by new visitors’ facilities
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  • 16_3000_9_1702_Photo..._NK_poppy09_0021
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    These remodelled public areas are essential to the project as the charity hosts daily tours for school children and members of the public
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    The semi-industrial rawness has been retained
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  • 20_3000_9_1702_Photo..._NK_poppy03_0138
    Our design of the Poppy Factory replaces a new built scheme making significant fabric improvements
  • 21_3000_9_1702_Photo..._NK_poppy05_0093
  • 22_1702_vis_1-E
    Our design reduces the energy demand and hence CO2 emissions


  • Appointment: 2017
  • Construction start: 2020
  • Completion: 2021
  • Area: 1200m2
  • Sustainable credentials: Energy Assessment / Carbon dioxide emissions reduction / BREEAM rating
  • Client: The Poppy Factory
  • Planning Consultant: Gerald Eve
  • Structural Engineer: Arup
  • Services Engineer: Arup
  • Building Control: Socotec
  • Cost Consultant: Alinea
  • Project Management: RealPM
  • Access Consultant: David Bonnett Associates
  • Contractor: Bryne Group
  • Exhibition Design: Samantha Heywood with Amanda Shephard
  • Exhibition Design Management: Alex Dunkley, Gardiner & Theobald
  • Photography: Nick Kane



  • AJ Retrofit Awards, Workplace up to £5m, (Shortlisted) 2022
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