Pobeda Novosibirsk, Russia 2011–

Our client runs the Pobeda cultural cinema in the renovated ‘Victory’ cinema. Our 4-storey scheme within the existing building extends its facilities to include cinemas, three restaurants, two art galleries, a performance space and a club, conference facilities, and a suite of banqueting rooms. The “black box” club facilitates performance and events including classical concerts, conferences and club nights hosted by international DJs.

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  • 1109_N23.jpg
    Working with lighting consultant Anna Sbokou the installation allows for stage setting to be changed between functions within 30 minutes. The acoustics respond to the single voice and an orchestral performance
  • blueprint2Pobeda.jpg
    Basement plan - club
  • blueprint1Pobeda.jpg
    Basement mezzanine plan - club
  • blueprint4Pobeda.jpg
    Ground floor plan - foyer bar
  • blueprint3Pobeda.jpg
    1st floor plan - banqueting rooms
  • blueprint5Pobeda.jpg
    2nd floor plan - art gallery
  • 1109_N69.jpg
    Pobeda during the Soviet era


  • Appointment: 2011
  • Construction start: 2013
  • Area: 1900m2
  • Budget: €6m
  • Contractor: Soraman
  • Services Engineer: Mikhail Sorokin
  • Structural Engineer: Arhitektibroo Tonis Tarbe
  • Lighting Consultant: Anna Sbokou
  • Graphics & Way Finding: Pat O'Leary
  • Bar Design: Cantilever
  • PA Consultant: Peter Mapp
  • Acoustic Consultant: Sandy Brown
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