Pilugina 22 Moscow 2007–2008

This 50,000m² commercial office building is situated next to Vorontsovsky Park in the south east of Moscow beside the main road between the Kremlin and Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The tower stands between a pair of 19 and 22-storey apartment blocks. The form of the building reduces the impact on these neighbouring buildings. Each façade is distinguished by the balance of masonry and fenestration, the rhythm and proportion of the windows and the masonry details.

Image 1

  • 0717_N263.jpg
    The faceted plan-form alters the appearance of the building from different viewpoints. The masonry facades recall the dignity of the first Chicago School
  • 0717_N235.jpg
    Tower seen from Vorontsovsky Park in the context of the two residential towers. Window frame dimensions within the masonry openings respond to the scale of the space within and likely tenant fit-out
  • 0717_N83.jpg
    Study models
  • 0717_N247.jpg
    The scheme creates a new plaza, between park and tower, within which there is a new restaurant pavilion. Note the arcade within the faceted plan-form of the tower
  • 0717_N236.jpg
    The section shows a 20-storey tower with 2 ½ floors of parking for 400 cars below the plaza
  • 0717_N231.jpg
    East elevation of the tower in context
  • 0717_N238.jpg
    West elevation – the changing nature of the tower in context


  • Appointment: 2007
  • Area: 50,000m2
  • Client: Horus Capital
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