Piano Works London 2021–

A mixed use development providing purpose built student accommodation and commercial space on the site of the former Broadwood Piano Factory.

The designs for the Piano Works will strengthen the creative community on fish island, providing homes for the University of the Arts London fashion students, affordable incubator space for their graduates and a new base for Stour Trust, a local business that provides affordable workspace for creatives. The project integrates an existing boiler house and free-standing chimney stack with 3 new building in a new ensemble interspersed with amenity spaces and new areas of public realm. The largest of which will transform the arrival point on Fish Island for visitors crossing the river Lee footbridge from the olympic park.

Piano Works received planning permission in September 2022.

Image 1

  • 22249---SouthernGrove---PianoFactory_View01_web
    Proposed view on approach across the river Lee bridge from the Olympic Park
  • 22249---SouthernGrove---PianoFactory_View02_web
    New and existing structures give shape to a new piece of public realm
  • 2102_N10_medium
    The location of the site offers the opportunity to create a meaningful arrival space for Fish Island on approach across the bridge from the Olympic Park
  • 3000_92102_Axonometric
    The existing boiler house, Chimney and 3 new buildings are arranged to create a series of public and private spaces and courts
  • 2102_N11_medium
    A combination of 3, 4, 5 & 6 storey elements provide a rich and varied street scene
  • 3000_9_2102_SitePlan_A5_1_5000-A
    Site plan
  • 3000_9_2102_SiteFigureGroundPlan_A5_1_1500-B
    Site figure ground
  • 22249---SouthernGrove---PianoFactory_View03_web
    A sinuous brick gable accommodating the commercial buildings stair, provides a back drop to the canopies of the existing trees
  • 22249---SouthernGrove---PianoFactory_View05_web
    The character and appearance of the scheme have been designed in response to the industrial legacy of Fish Island
  • 22249---SouthernGrove---PianoFactory_View06_web
    The character and appearance of the scheme have been designed in response to the industrial legacy of Fish Island
  • 9_2102_PianoWorks_HDS_SH_20210211-web
    Concept sketch of a ‘cluster of buildings’
  • 9_2102_PianoWorks_Model-V-E_web
    View of student entrance and amenity yard
  • 3000_9_2102_Plan_GF_A5_1_700
    Ground floor plan
  • 3000_9_2102_Plan_01_A5_1_700
    First floor plan
  • 9_2102_PianoWorks_P_400_DRAFT_220526_web
    Façade composition and detail
  • 3000_9_2102_Plan_TYF_A5_1_700
    Typical floor plan
  • 9_2102_PianoWorks_View08_web
    View of rooftop yard space
  • 9_2102_PianoWorks_P_233_web
    Yard elevation with integrated ‘piano’ benches’


  • Appointment: 2021
  • Client: Southern Grove / University of the Arts London / Stour Trust


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