Nightingale Estate London 2015–

The project offers a vision of a residential quarter with a strong, identifiable and consistent character. The model merges the urban grain of the early Victorian streets and the compact efficiency and density of the Victorian mansion block. The project explores the virtues of relatively narrow north-south streets; and the consequent benefits of east-west facing dual aspect apartments within five and six storey mansion block terraces. This public-realm led masterplan “rolls out” a repeating pattern of buildings, streets and gardens. The scheme integrates an existing residential tower and creates 400 new mixed tenure homes. The architecture brings people into contact with one another through the shared use of entranceways, gardens, staircases and galleries. 

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  • 1_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    The architecture shapes streets and courts, and orientates rooms to the sun and the view
  • 2_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    Model of masterplan. Image: KCA.
  • 3 nightingale colour
    The street - thoroughfare for cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • 4 Nightingale Colour
    Pedestrian street
  • 4B Nightingale Colour
    South-facing communal courtyard gardens
  • 5_Nightingale Estate V2
    The masterplan establishes north-south streets and east-west facing dual aspect apartments
  • 6_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    At 14m in width, the street is a relatively narrow thoroughfare
  • 7_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    An oriel window and lozenge-shaped balcony looking out on the street characterise this one-bed apartment
  • 8_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    One of twenty-two gables within the masterplan
  • 9_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    Loggias provide outdoor amenity space for upper floor apartments
  • 10_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    Each communal garden is framed by a pair of gables
  • 11_Nightingale Estate.jpg
    Four gables facing Hackney Downs


  • Appointment: 2015
  • Area: 39,850m2
  • Budget: £90million
  • Client: London Borough of Hackney
  • Collaborating Architects: KCA & Stephen Taylor Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Townshend
  • Planning Consultant: Tibbalds
  • Structural Engineer: Peter Brett
  • Services Engineer: Peter Brett
  • Building Control: LB Hackney
  • Cost Consultant: Potter Raper
  • Project Manager: Potter Raper


  • architects Henley Halebrown, Steven Taylor Architects and Karakusevic Carson Architects, Making Urban (Steven Taylor Architects, Henley Halebrown Architects, 2018)
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