Mausoleum for J.G.Ballard London 2014–

This funerary building was designed for the Soane Museum’s “Monumental Masonry” competition. Our structure celebrates the life of the author J.G. Ballard who’s science fiction drew on late Twentieth Century social and technological norms. He set his narratives in familiar environments such as high-rise buildings, multistorey car parks and urban motorways.

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    Novels such as High-Rise, Crash and Concrete Island that begin in these known “realities” portray emergent dystopias as alienating but plausible
  • Mausuleum01-f.jpg
    This plausibility depends on the spatial, structural and material types of Twentieth Century architecture, here concrete, caste and sublime which we have sought to explore in this mausoleum design
  • blueprintlayoutJGBallard.jpg
    Plan, elevation & axonometric


  • Client: Bompas & Parr and Sir John Soane's Museum
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