Mansion Block, Winstanley and York Estate London 2017–

This new mansion block forms part of the masterplan to regenerate the Winstanley and York estates in the London Borough of Wandsworth. The post war estates are located between Clapham Junction train station and the river Thames.

The new masterplan, developed by HTA, creates a park encircled by urban blocks. The arc of blocks between York Road and the park incorporate a new leisure centre, health centre and workspace, and a number of residential towers. The rest of the park frontage is lined with 8-storey courtyard blocks.

Image 1

  • 1_3000_9_1708_HTA-U_RP_GGI-Planning Visualisations 27.jpeg
    View from the park
  • 2_3000_9_1708_Masterplan_Existing.jpg
    Existing estate and context
  • 3_3000_9_1708_Masterplan_Proposed.jpg
    Proposed masterplan
  • 4_3000_9_1708_pln_00_Block6.jpg
    Ground Floor Plan
  • 5_3000_9_1708_sec_BB.jpg
  • 6_3000_9_1708_pln_03-06_Block6.jpg
    Typical floor plan
  • 7_3000_9_1708_sec_CC.jpg
  • 8_3000_9_1708_07_block6.jpg
    Penthouse floor plan
  • 9_3000_9_1708_vis_W_Elevation.jpg
    Park elevation
  • 10_3000_9_1708_det_W-E_Block6_01.jpg
    Detail drawing of the façade


  • Appointment: 2017
  • Area: 12,900m2
  • Budget: £35m
  • Client: Winstanley & York Road LLP
  • Masterplanner: HTA Design LLP
  • Landscape Architect: Farrer Huxley Associates
  • Planning Consultant: Montagu Evans
  • Acoustic Engineer: AF Acoustics
  • Structural Engineer: Pell Frischman
  • Services Engineer: Desco
  • Building Control: MLM
  • Quantity Surveyor: Martin Arnold
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