Letovo Educational Centre Moscow 2021–2021

The Letovo Educational Centre comprising an elementary school and kindergarten has been designed as a cluster of buildings, individual but with a shared DNA. It generates a unique ‘Letovo’ aesthetic which will allow students to identify with Letovo as ‘their school’.

An aspirational school, the new buildings are sustainable, designed to outlast fashion, so over time they become an educational landmark, and with a longevity to survive harsh winters and become part of their landscape. All spaces are seen as a place to learn, designed around a community core and with circulation routes kept to a minimum – there are no dead ends and a student’s daily life will be one of learning encounters.

Image 1

  • 9_2109_vis_Exterior-Entrance_1
    Exterior Summer Visualisation – Kindergarten Main Entrance
  • 9_2109_sketch_site aerial view_
    Sketch site aerial view. The High School will be located along the Ramensky Boulevard. The proximity to the main road promotes the High School as the public face of the site
  • 9_2109_Kindergarten_first floor plan
    First floor plan Kindergarten
  • 9_2109_vis_Courtyard_1
    Exterior Visualisation – Kindergarten External Play Area
  • 9_2109_vis_Group-Room
    Interior Visualisation – Kindergarten Grouproom, First Floor
  • 9_2109-L_330_Kindergarten-Elevation_SE
    Kindergarten South East Elevation
  • 9_2109_vis_Exterior-Entrance_2
    Exterior Visualisation – Letovo.Junior School Main Entrance
  • 9_2109_vis_Exterior_1
    Exterior Visualisation – Letovo.Junior School seen from the Sport Yard Running Track looking North
  • 9_2109_vis_Exterior_2
    Exterior Visualisation – Letovo.Junior School Classroom Facade
  • My Letovo Journey – drawings by Claudia Schenk
  • 9_2109_vis_Exterior-Entrance_3
    Exterior Winter Visualisation – Looking North East up the New Formed Road to the School, Kindergarten & MSU in the Distance
  • 9_2109_Junior School first floor
    Junior School first floor plan
  • 9_2109_Junior school second floor plan
    Junior school second floor plan
  • 9_2109_vis_Classroom_1
    Interior Visualisation – Primary School Classroom (Third Floor)
  • 9_2109_vis_Internal_3
    Interior Visualisation – Primary School Common Area – Internal Playspace (Second Floor)
  • 9_2109_vis_Internal_2
    Interior Visualisation – School Main Entrance looking towards the canteen
  • 9_2109-L_240_AA-Section-A3
    Junior School Longitundial Section
  • S-M-Sectional-Perspective
    Section of key part of the scheme


  • Appointment: 2021
  • Form of contract: Competition
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