Kings College School London 2015–

Three new halls – a gym, swimming pool and aerobics hall – are planned around a courtyard. Together, they form an extension to the school’s existing, more insular, ‘black box’ 1980s and 1990s sports facilities. The idea was to create quite literally a ‘window on the world of sport’ and focus for sport at the school. The scheme complies with Sport England’s standards for public sports facilities to enable The Kings Club to serve the local community.

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  • 5201_N48.jpg
    The new facilities appear to be in separate buildings, reducing the scale and impact of the development on two adjoining listed buildings
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    Upper ground floor plan & section - new facilities are, like the old, actually set 2m below grade. A single entrance and central foyer serve the whole complex. The courtyard completes a route connecting street and playing fields
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    The lower ground floor connects all the facilities, both old and new. Changing rooms are clustered centrally beneath the courtyard and so, are well placed to serve every activity
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    The sectional perspective of the pool (looking north) shows pupils outside in the courtyard to the west (left) glancing down into the pool hall through a large panoramic window


  • Client: Kings College School, Wimbledon
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