Hereford Buttermarket Hereford 2011–

Hereford’s Grade II listed Buttermarket and clock tower date from 1860. Our proposal combines the original roof structures and spaces these enclose with contemporary roofs and facades to create an interior in which perspective, daylight and the structural silhouette all play a part.

Image 1

  • 5143_N9.jpg
    Hereford city centre skyline with Buttermarket in the foreground and cathedral in the distance
  • 5143_N6.jpg
    Figure ground plan of Hereford city centre. The Buttermarket, which lies due north of the cathedral (home to the Mappa Mundi) & River Wye, bridges between this historic quarter and retail district to the north
  • 5143_N7.jpg
    First floor plan shows the Guild Hall recreated as a tower and yard on the left of the plan
  • 5143_N4.jpg
    The scheme reveals the original two-bay structure and recreates the Buttermarket as two contrasting halls: one enclosed, the other, light and open to the street
  • 5143_N11.jpg
    Perspective section through the Buttermarket with, from left to right, the East and West Halls, new Guild Hall and yard


  • Appointment: 2011
  • Area: 2380m2
  • Budget: £8m
  • Form of contract: Competition
  • Client: Herefordshire Council
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