Hackney New School London 2013–2015

Hackney New School is a mixed-ability Free School with a focus on music, combining a 500-pupil secondary school and 200-pupil sixth form. 

Final phase conversion works completed on completion of Primary School, 2019

Image 1

  • blueprintlayer3.jpg
    Ground Floor Plan
  • blueprintlayer2.jpg
    First Floor Plan
  • blueprintlayer1.jpg
    Fourth Floor Plan
  • HNS_Model 1
    Cast model of Kingsland Rd composition
  • HNS Model 2
    Cast model of Canal Basin composition
  • 1302_N796.jpg
    Bridge connections between Canal and Downham Rd buildings
  • 1302_N795.jpg
    Kingsland Rd building west façade detail
  • 1302_N793.jpg
    Canal building east façade detail
  • 1302_N790.jpg
    Canal building west elevation
  • 1302_N788.jpg
    Kingsland Rd building west façade
  • 1302_N786.jpg
    Canal building east façade and bridges
  • 1302_N784.jpg
    School entrance viewed from Lee Street from east
  • 1302_N782.jpg
    School entrance viewed from Lee Street from east
  • 1302_N756.jpg
    ADT studio interior looking north towards Dalston
  • 1302_N754.jpg
    ADT studio interior looking west towards the Canal building
  • 1302_N738.jpg
    Physics lab interior looking north
  • 1302_N730.jpg
    Classroom studio interior looking west towards the canal
  • 1302_N722.jpg
    Hall interior viewed from first floor mezzanine
  • 1302_N425.jpg
    Planometric view of Kingsland and Canal buildings looking south
  • 1302_N423.jpg
    Planometric view of the new Kingsland & Canal buildings alongside the existing Wharfmaster’s House & converted Downham Rd building
  • 1302_N403.jpg
    Canal building long section
  • 1302_N401.jpg
    Site cross section through the Canal building
  • HNS_HNPS Model
    Cast masterplan models of primary & secondary schools


  • Appointment: 2013
  • Construction start: 2014
  • Completion: 2015
  • Area: 5,500m2
  • Budget: £11.5m
  • Form of contract: Design & Build
  • Client: Willmott Dixon
  • Contractor: Willmott Dixon
  • Services Engineer: Skelly & Couch
  • Structural Engineer: Pure Structures
  • Planning Consultant: CMA Planning
  • Building Control: MLM
  • Project Manager: Mace
  • User Group: Hackney New School


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  • RIBA Regional Award, (Shortlisted) 2017
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