Charlton & Albany London 2021–

Designed for Passivhaus certification, the 209 homes are 100% affordable. 95% of homes are dual or triple aspect, with form factor, orientation and embodied carbon optimised to create exemplary sustainable architecture.

Charlton & Albany belongs to a tradition of modest architecture that carefully combines efficiency and an economy of means with well-constructed buildings.

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  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_01_medium
    High levels of insulation and air tightness combine with durable masonry cladding and finishes
  • 3000_9_2105_Photo_SE_Charlton & Albany_model_12_medium
    A series of courtyard and rooftop gardens are connected by a new pedestrian passage set within a public realm distinguished by the many retained mature London Plane trees
  • 3000_9_2105_Photo_SE_Charlton & Albany_model_24_medium
    Our scheme replaces an island of 1960s development with a new contiguous and connected piece of city
  • 9_2105_Plan-00-A-web
    Ground floor plan in its Brentford context, close to the confluence of the Rivers Thames and Brent, and the Grand Union Canal
  • 9_2105_Section_AA_web
  • 3000_9_2105_Photo_SE_Charlton & Albany_model_15_medium
    Model of Block B, designed by Henley Halebrown, and Block E, also referred to as the ‘Pavilion’, designed by nimtim
  • 9_2105_Plan-02-A4-Block-B
  • 3000_9_2105_Photo_SE_Charlton-&-Albany_model_16_medium
    Model of Block C (Henley Halebrown) and Block D (ZCD)
  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_07_medium
    External structures offer a parity between a life indoors and one outdoors
  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_20_medium
    Walls are framed by loggias and galleries, creating open-air circulation and generous terraces for residents. The steelwork is chosen and detailed for future demountability and reuse
  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_15_medium
    Reinstating the historic high street frontage
  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_12_medium
    The gardens and new pedestrian streets are linked by a third, quieter, east-west passage
  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_09_medium
    The courtyards are “cut open” on their southern edge to admit sunlight to the gardens
  • 20220506_HHbr_Albany_Charlton_models_SE_19_medium
    The 6 and 7-storey perimeter brick walls shaping the great outdoor rooms are lined with galleries which serve both as circulation to, and private terraces for, the homes
  • 3000_9_2105_Albany-Road_1_medium
    Charlton & Albany seen from Albany Road
  • 3000_9_2105_Albany-Road_2_medium
    The new “Charlton & Albany” belongs to a tradition of modest urban domestic architecture that carefully combines efficiency with well-constructed buildings
  • 3000_9_2105_View-07-High-Street_web
    At street level, maisonettes face residential streets, and shops and businesses face the high street and the north-south streets
  • 3000_9_2105_View-03-High-Street_web
    The heights balance impact on neighbouring streets and buildings, with the quality of the new public realm, gardens and homes
  • 3000_9_2105_View-10_web
    Three new urban blocks each frame a courtyard garden – one at first floor level
  • 9_2105_iso_S_A4
    Three new urban blocks each frame a courtyard garden – one at first floor level


  • Appointment: 2021
  • Sustainable credentials: Passivhaus
  • Client: London Borough of Hounslow
  • Architect: Henley Halebrown
  • Architect: nimtim architects
  • Architect: ZCD Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Landscape Projects
  • Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
  • Services Engineer, Sustainability & Acoustics: Max Fordham
  • Zero Carbon: Targeting Zero
  • Daylight & Sunlight Consultant: Waldrams
  • Transport: Vectos
  • Fire: Astute
  • Ecology: Temple Group
  • Air Quality: AQ
  • Wind and Microclimate: GIA
  • Arboriculture: TMA
  • CDM: Sweco
  • Planning Consultant: Knight Frank
  • Heritage and Townscape: Montagu Evans
  • Environmental Impact: Trium
  • Community Engagement: Your Shout / ZCD
  • Photographer: Ståle Eriksen


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