Campus Hafencity Hamburg Hamburg, Germany 2021–2022

The objective of the design for the new HafenCity School in Hamburg was to create a sophisticated and versatile learning environment for students and residents of the city quarter.

The school was perceived in the urban space as a conglomerate of four buildings and thus fits into the surrounding perimeter block structure. The volumes reflect the spatial-programmatic organisation of the school, so that students can assign themselves to a small-scale, intimate learning cluster within the overall complex. Green terraces and access zones facing the outdoor space connect the clusters and create a clear internal path network.

The high proportion of greenery with dense vegetation spaces leads to great biodiversity and contributes to a soothing atmosphere that promotes concentration.

The ground floor is designed as a link between the neighbourhood and the school, creating visual references and promoting the integration of different users within the neighbourhood. Together with the northern tower clock, the public character of the building is to be strengthened and, as an urban dominant, enrich the neighbourhood in an identity-creating way.

Image 1

  • 0_2201_Visualisierungen-D
    View from Lohsepark
  • 9_2201_Visualisierungen-A
    View onto the Gymnasium seen from Versmannstrasse
  • 9_2201_Visualisierungen-C
    School seen from North East
  • 9_2201_Campus-Hafencity_site_plan
    Site plan
  • 9_2201_Visualisierungen-2
    Foyer and communal areas
  • 9_2201_Campus-Hafencity_Erdgeschoss
    Ground floor plan
  • 9_2201_Visualisierungen-1
    Access zone with amenity quality
  • 9_2201_Campus-Hafencity_03_OG
    Third floor plan
  • 9_2201_Ansicht-Nord-Ost_South-West
    Elevation South West (top) and North East (bottom)
  • 9_2201_Campus-Hafencity_Dachgeschoss
    Roof plan


  • Appointment: 2021
  • Completion: 2022
  • Form of contract: Competition
  • Client: Department of Education Hamburg, Germany
  • Architect: Henley Halebrown
  • Architect: Schenk Fleischhaker
  • Landscape architect: Lichtenstein Landschaftsarchitekten
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