Caldicott School Buckinghamshire 2001–2004
The Performing Arts building combines a hall, three classrooms, a meeting room and a common room. The scheme embodies three theatres: the quad (the civic place for street performance) the hall (the conventional model for theatre) and the landscape.

‘If you look at the building through the eyes of a theatre director, it comes alive with unexpected entrances and exits and dramatic possibilities (and wonderful soft acoustics).’ Eleanor Young, 2005

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  • 0116_NK_Originals_N1.jpg
    The scheme creates a new quad at the heart of the school
  • 0116.jpg
    The hall is partially submerged to reduce its bulk, preserve views and mitigate any loss of light to the surrounding buildings
  • 0116_SB_Originals_N6.jpg
    New performing arts building in context between the original house and a classroom block
  • 0116_Drawings_300dpi_N2.jpg
    Quad level plan
  • 0116_Res_TIFFs_N8.jpg
    The hall frames the view of the school grounds from the quad
  • 0116_B_w_N20.jpg
    East facade of hall and tower - the forms and materials (brick, copper and timber) suggest both an abstract and an English architecture
  • 0116_NK_Originals_N4.jpg
    Hall during a rehearsal
  • 0116_B_w_N22.jpg
    Inside, heavy timber beams, brick walls, a parquet floor and large expanses of glazing characterise the space
  • 0116_10mb_Col_N3.jpg
    Outdoor amphitheatre, the third performance space - the scheme transcends its function reconnecting the life of the school with the landscape providing a backdrop day-to-day and for performances
  • 0116_B_w_N25.jpg
    Details of the south elevation
  • 0116_SB_Originals_N2.jpg
    Pupils playing under the pergola
  • 0116_NK_Originals_N5.jpg
    Performing arts building seen from the playing fields at dusk


  • Appointment: 2001
  • Construction start: 2003
  • Completion: 2004
  • Area: 705m2
  • Budget: £1.6m
  • Form of contract: Traditional
  • Client: Caldicott Trust
  • Contractor: Benson Ltd
  • Services Engineer: Rybka
  • Structural Engineer: Techniker
  • Quantity Surveyor: Stockdale
  • Buidling Control: MLM
  • Acoustic Engineer: Sharp Redmore Partnership


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