Buckland Court London 2004–2010

The environment, health, security and employment give this landscape scheme a strong mandate to challenge convention. The design is developed around themes such as exercise, horticulture and education.

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  • 0413_N93.jpg
    Decorative Corten gates use patterns similar to those popularised by William Morris for the Nineteenth Century home
  • 0413_N94.jpg
    A plan of the re-landscaped Buckland Court estate
  • 0413_N61.jpg
    Study for the Mintern Street East entrance
  • 0413_PPT_N2.jpg
    A stainless steel “bamboo” screen secures the disused Pitfield Street entrance
  • 0413_N63.jpg
    Pitfield Street South entrance
  • 0413_N59.jpg
    Inside the Pitfield Street South entrance
  • 0413_N64.jpg
    Enamel painted screens at the Mintern Street West entrance
  • 0413_N54.jpg
    Buckland Street entrance
  • 0413_N58.jpg
    Buckland Court – the newly enclosed bucolic garden


  • Appointment: 2004
  • Construction start: 2007
  • Completion: 2010
  • Area: 7715m2
  • Budget: £1.1m
  • Form of contract: Design & Build
  • Client: Shoreditch Trust
  • Quantity Surveyor: BPTW Partership
  • Landscape Architect: Landscape Projects
  • Graphics: Pat O’Leary Environmental Graphics


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