Barge House London 2019–

Barge House is a 5-storey office building located within a Conservation Area in Southwark on an island site south of Oxo Tower Wharf and the River Thames.

The new building is designed to integrate the existing frame and foundations of a much smaller building to minimise its environmental impact.

Well-being at the heart of the design is evident with the introduction of natural ventilation, the insertion of a generous and top-lit staircase connecting all floors, and the provision of external terraces at all levels.

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  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_Barge-House_web.jpg
    The design approach works carefully with the urban grain of the streetscape, with its new elevations engendering a strong sense of depth and rhythm
  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_Barge-House-St.jpg
    Its former industrial riverside context gives the neighbouring buildings a distinct historic character
  • 3000_9_1907_pln_00-04_BargeHouse.jpg
    Floor plans (L00, L01, L04) and typical reflected ceiling plan: A generous and top-lit staircase takes pressure off the lift and encourages human interaction
  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_Front-Bay-Elevation.jpg
    The grids of the north and south elevations are influenced by the historic warehouses that lie opposite
  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_Detail.jpg
    The main façade is designed as an inhabited loggia, providing the new public face of the building and a principal social structure for the offices
  • 3000_9_1907_sec_BargeHouse_A_403.jpg
    Section: The additional top floor is designed as a timber structure and supports a bio-solar roof integrating planting and photovoltaic panels
  • 3000_9_1907_sec_BargeHouse_A_401.jpg
    Section: Large openings at ground floor level reflect the dual-aspect office spaces whilst enlivening the street, consciously avoiding the temptation for a headquarters building to face inwards.
  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_Loggia_Terrace_1st-Floor_web.jpg
    The whole building has been turned so that its primary façade now faces west and overlooks Bernie Spain Gardens
  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_Terrace_4th-Floor.jpg
    Fourth floor terrace with views along Upper Ground
  • 3000_9_1907_axo_SW_04_BargeHouse.jpg
    Axonometric: The long elevations are composed to provide maximum light to the deep plans of the floor plates, through large, framed windows and to maximise natural ventilation, via ventilation panels set between paired columns
  • 3000_9_1907_Vis_proposed-interior.jpg
    A more sustainable, naturally ventilated building that provided its users with a connection to the local environment, looking towards Bernie Spain Gardens


  • Appointment: 2019
  • Construction start: 2022
  • Area: 4,250m2 (GIA)m2
  • Form of contract: Design and Build
  • Planning Consultant: DP9
  • Structural Engineer: Waterman Group
  • Services Engineer: Taylor Project Services
  • Building Control: MLM
  • Cost Consultant: Norman Rourke Pryme


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