98 De Beauvoir Road London 2017–2019

98 De Beauvoir Road is an Edwardian industrial building. The 835m2 scheme involves the demolition of a part of it and, behind a retained façade, the construction of a new 3-storey brickwork structure, a precast concrete staircase, insitu concrete landings, and a timber roof wrapped in rubber. The adhoc common parts have been replaced by a new central core serving five studios over three floors. Low-tech building techniques indicate how elementary the construction of an office might be, ensuring that this 100-year-old building remains robust and will endure.

Image 1

  • 98 De B 2
    Street facade with the additional new storey distinguished by a white precast concrete loggia
  • 98 De B 6
    Courtyard - the design combines careful restoration with new construction
  • deb98 210016
    Top floor studio space beneath the refurbished northlights
  • 98 De B1
    The scheme retains the original steel roof trusses
  • 98 De B 5_2
    Courtyard, retained façade and new central core within
  • deb98 06123
    Precast concrete staircase & brick structure
  • 98 De B 3_3
    Looking up the stairs at the timber roof
  • deb98 05123
    Arched detail of the concrete staircase
  • 98 De B 13
    Lapped timber detailing of the roof structure
  • 1710_05_98 De Beauvoir_Perspective-180718.jpeg
    Perspective of staircase showing coffered insitu concrete landings, arched stair and lapped timber roof detailing
  • deb98 160097
    Toplit space linking studios (ground floor)
  • 98 De B 14
    Toplit space linking studios (first floor)
  • 98 De B 15
    Second floor toplit space retains a memory of the demolished structure
  • deb98 150064
    Light separates the original institu concrete structure from the boundary wall
  • 7_98 De Beauvoir.jpg
    Ground floor plan - courtyards link 98 and 100 De Beauvoir Road
  • 98 De B 11
    Exploded isometric drawing shows the new 3-storey structure inserted between the front and back buildings


  • Appointment: 2017
  • Construction start: 2018
  • Completion: 2019
  • Area: 836m2
  • Budget: Confidential
  • Form of contract: JCT Standard Building Contract
  • Client: The Benyon Estate
  • Planing Consultant: CMA
  • Structural Engineer: Parmarbrook
  • Services Engineer: AJ Energy
  • Approved Inspector: Building Control Approval
  • Cost Consultant: Castle-Davis
  • Contractor: Sullivan Brothers Construction
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