98–100 De Beauvoir Road London 2017–2022

98–100 De Beauvoir Road is a pair of connected Edwardian industrial buildings that provide additional studio space for small businesses in Hackney’s De Beauvoir Town. They have been designed so that they can be let to a single occupant or on a floor-by-floor multi-let basis.

This low carbon retrofit scheme retains much of the fabric and embodied energy in the brickwork, timber floors, cast iron and concrete structures. Lasting qualities of building traditions have been transferred to contemporary architecture. And the craft-based low-tech building techniques employed indicate how elementary the construction of an office could be.

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  • 3000_9_1806_100_web_De_Beauvoir_copyright_NickKane_01_0017_3
    The calm repetitive street facade gives way to a more ad-hoc rear elevation. The saw tooth roof of No. 98 was retained and refurbished, alongside generous galleried decks to serve each floor of No. 100
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_14_0002_9_web
    The Gordon Matta-Clark inspired new stair core of No. 100 has rotating arcs, cut through the existing timber structure, and propped with new steel and timber diagonals
  • 3000_9_1806_100_web_De_Beauvoir_copyright_NickKane_43_0124
    Outdoor space plays an important part. A sequence of spaces – forecourt, a covered walkway and two interlinking courtyards made possible by the demolition of an outbuilding
  • 9_1806_98-100-De-B_Axo
    Axometric of interventions at 98-100
  • 9_1806_98-100_00pln-before-and-after_web
    Ground floor plan before (bottom) and after (top) – new courtyards link 98 and 100 De Beauvoir Road
  • 3000_9_1710_98_Photo_De_Beauvoir_NK_02_web
    Courtyard, retained façade and new central core within
  • 9_1806_98-100_01-03_web
    First (bottom) and third (top) floor plans
  • 3000_9_1710_98_Photo_De_Beauvoir_NK_04_web
    Courtyard - the design combines careful restoration with new construction
  • 3000_9_1806_100_D...e_Beauvoir_DG_09_web
    Courtyards are laid with a mat of pink concrete and a brickwork border
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_DG_13_web
    Stairs leading to new courtyard
  • 9_1806_98-100_iso_CoreDetail
    Isometric of a core detail
  • 3000_9_1710_98_Photo_De_Beauvoir_NK_12_web
    Lapped timber detailing of the roof structure
  • deb98 160097
    Toplit space linking studios (ground floor)
  • 3000_9_1710_98_Photo_De_Beauvoir_NK_22_web
    The sawtooth north lights in the rear building of No. 98 were refurbished, retaining the existing steel trusses
  • deb98 210016
    Top floor studio space beneath the refurbished northlights
  • 3000_9_1710_98_Photo_De_Beauvoir_NK_10_web
    Toplit space linking studios (first floor)
  • deb98 06123
    Precast concrete staircase and brick structure
  • 1710_05_98 De Beauvoir_Perspective-180718.jpeg
    Perspective of staircase showing coffered insitu concrete landings, arched stair and lapped timber roof detailing
  • 3000_9_1710_98_De_Beauvoir_DG_12_web
    Looking up the stairs at the timber roof at No. 98
  • 9_1806_100_Stair-Worms-Eye_web
    Stairs worm's eye perspective of No. 100
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_DG_34_web
    Looking up the stairs at the timber roof of No. 100
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_15_0022_4_web
    The Gordon Matta-Clark inspired new stair core of No. 100
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_17_0011_web
    Framing the views of De Beauvoir Town
  • 3000_9_1806_100_web_De_Beauvoir_copyright_NickKane_26_0085_2
    Here on the 3rd floor office space of No. 100, new steel and timber floors span over retained existing steels into a new concrete upstand that ties the repaired brick facade together
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_24_0067_2_web
    Office space of No. 100, new steel and timber floors span over retained existing steels into a new concrete upstand that ties the repaired brick facade together
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_10_0085_1_web
    On the roof of No. 100, a new pavilion frames a narrow court facing south and the city
  • HHB_100_De_Beauvoir_Road_July_2022_DG_04_web
    Perimeter sliding doors providing natural ventilation
  • 3000_9_1806_100_web_De_Beauvoir_copyright_NickKane_02_0145
    The generous external circulation allows for greater flexible of letting within the building, as well as providing external amenity for each floor
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_04_0019_2_web
    The new 4th floor of No. 100, built in timber and clad in EPDM rubber
  • 1806_N58_web
    Roof pavilions are organised around a central rooftop courtyard
  • 3000_9_1806_100_web_De_Beauvoir_copyright_NickKane_05_0013_1
    Sliding doors and windows are carefully detailed to be hidden behind the timber, whilst skylights in each volume allow for excellent levels of natural light and ventilation
  • 3000_9_1806_100_web_De_Beauvoir_copyright_NickKane_30_0037_3
    Street facade with the additional new storey distinguished by a white precast concrete loggia
  • 3000_9_1710_98_Photo_De_Beauvoir_NK_29_web
    Second floor of No.98 toplit space retains a memory of the demolished structure
  • 3000_9_1806_100_De_Beauvoir_Road_DG_100_web
    The project reshapes a terrace of industrial buildings, originally developed at the turn of the Twentieth Century in London’s De Beauvoir Town, to form a central yard and a new roofscape of timber structures wrapped in EPDM rubber
  • 9_1806_92-100-Site_web
    Site plan


  • Appointment: 2017
  • Construction start: 2018
  • Completion: 2022
  • Area: 2487m2
  • Budget: Confidential
  • Form of contract: JCT Standard Building Contract
  • Client: The Benyon Estate
  • Planing Consultant: CMA
  • Structural Engineer: Parmarbrook
  • Services Engineer: AJ Energy
  • Approved Inspector: Building Control Approval
  • Cost Consultant: Castle-Davis
  • Contractor: Sullivan Brothers Construction



  • The Plan Awards, Renovation, (Shortlisted) 2023
  • AJ Retrofit Awards, Workplace £5-10 million, (Winner) 2023
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