336 Brixton Road London 2008–

The renovation and extension of this Brutalist building provides a conference centre and work space for disability charities, community and Pentecostal church groups. Touch, hearing, smell, taste and sight are all equally important to the architecture.

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  • 0824_N108.jpg
    Perspective of Brixton Road façade and forecourt. In 2008, an RIBA competition was held to modernise the building. Our winning scheme was granted planning consent in 2010 but still awaits funding
  • 0824_N107.jpg
    View from south - our philosophy in responding to disability is best summed up by a line from Robert Graves' poem Recalling War "The blinded man sees with his ears and hands"
  • 0824_N109.jpg
    A 2-storey lightweight steel-framed timber-faced addition rises above the existing loading bay and yard (at the rear of the building) which will be adapted to create a black box performance space beyond a walled garden
  • 0824_N112.jpg
    Foyer - inside, the building will be stripped back to reveal the heavy columns, downstand beams and soffits of this monolithic concrete interior.
  • 0824_N94.jpg
    Ground floor foyer & conference centre plan - the charity We Are 336's vision is 'to establish a first class disability hub for South London that would be considered a centre of excellence in accessibility for disabled people'
  • 0824_N487.jpg
    Long section showing the additional floors on the left constructed on the roof of the building, around an existing extended stair and lift core. This core is linked to the front building by bridges on the upper floors
  • 0824_N110.jpg
    Second floor courtyard garden with raised beds which can be tended 'therapeutically' by disabled staff and visitors
  • 0824_N111.jpg
    Second floor roof garden looking east. The bridge on the left provides a vital alternative means of escape for disabled staff from the upper floors of the original building
  • 0824_N62.jpg
    The larch elevations are panelled and divided by a composition of deep fins and battens which will cast heavy shadows and create the affect of weight akin to the original Brutalist insitu concrete and brickwork facades
  • 0824_N69.jpg
    Model from north west showing a pavilion & garden on the roof of the new structure
  • 0824_N72.jpg
    Model from east with new portico and inclined forecourt


  • Appointment: 2008
  • Area: 4,372m2
  • Budget: £5.25m
  • Client: We are 336
  • Services Engineer: ZEF Ltd
  • Structural Engineer: Jane Wernick Associates
  • Quantity Surveyor: BPTW
  • Landscape Architect: Landscape Projects
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  • New London Awards, Retrofit Category, (Shortlisted) 2011
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