'Identity of Architecture' conference, RWTH Aachen

October 2023

Simon Henley discussed Henley Halebrown's work at Taylor & Chatto and Wilmott Courts on the Frampton Park Estate at the 6th international scientific conference 'Identität der Architektur – Identity of Architecture' hosted by the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University on 26th October 2023.

The annual conference, which has a different focus each year, examines the question of the identity of architecture – a question concerned with the self-understanding of the discipline that is directed first and foremost at its practitioners, the architects.

The 6th conference had a special focus on 'Form'. Speakers responded to a range of questions about Form across architecture, design and construction. What significance does the form have for the architectural shape of the building? What importance does the form play in the creation of architecture? To what extent do theory and practice of form belong to the foundations of architecture?

Against the backdrop of these questions, with the help of completed projects, different positions in dealing with Form were presented and discussed by renowned German and international architects.

Further information and tickets are available from the Identität der Architektur website here.