3000_9_2001_vis_02_Proposed Stratford High Street rendered elevation

Public Face of Student Housing

February 2021

We’re delighted to have received resolution to grant planning for a 282-room student hall of residence in Stratford High Street. Called Poland House, the building is composed of four interlocking red stock brick and precast concrete blocks ranging in height from 8 to 12 storeys on an 0.15-hectare site.

Founding partner Simon Henley says, 

“Poland House is exemplary of our interest in architecture as social infrastructure. This is apparent in the plan of the building and the way spatial configurations are conducive to bringing students together in communal living areas. Externally, we have wanted the building to read like a part of the city. The street level arcades and views through the building are an important part of a design concept that purposefully moves student accommodation away from the prevailing hotel typology.”