Planning permission received for Barge House, Southwark

May 2022

Planning approval has been received for Barge House, a new 5-storey office building in a Conservation Area in Southwark.

The 4,250m2 (GIA) building sits within an island site south of Oxo Tower Wharf and the River Thames. Its former industrial riverside context gives the neighbouring buildings a distinct historic character which inform our response to the proportions and scale of Barge House. The design approach works carefully with the urban grain of the streetscape, its new elevations engendering a strong sense of depth and rhythm.  

The new building is designed to integrate the existing frame and foundations of a much smaller building to minimise its environmental impact. The additional top floor is designed as a timber structure and supports a bio-solar roof integrating planting and photovoltaic panels. 

The client’s desire to place well-being at the heart of the design is evidenced throughout the building with the introduction of natural ventilation, the insertion of a generous and top-lit staircase connecting all floors, the provision of external terraces at all levels, and extensive bicycle facilities.