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Meridian Water sustainable design competition - Runners up!

October 2020

We have been announced as runners up in the Meridian Water Sustainable Design competition, looking at ways to embed social, environmental and economic sustainability into the second phase of the development in Enfield, North London. Our ideas were developed with a multidisciplinary, international team alongside TESS, TOWN, ZCD, JCLA, Kath Scanlon at LSE and Simon Bayliss. Our proposal centred around a cooperative housing and community rent model, and we will be appointed to Enfield Council to develop our ideas further and influence their new masterplan. Bell Phillips Architects were announced as fellow runners up and Assael Architecture the winner.

Nesil Caliskan, Enfield Council leader said:

‘Three entries in particular stood out to the judging panel and I am incredibly excited about seeing the concepts they presented getting developed into a set of proposals that we can implement at Meridian Water over time.’

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