On Intricacy

On Intricacy: The Work of John Meunier Architect

March 2020

Patrick Lynch (editor), Simon Henley and David Grandorge
Canalside Press

'On Intricacy celebrates and proselytises the ideas that John has articulated throughout his career. On Intricacy is not a book about him as such, nor simply a book by him, but a book with him, and it reflects his life’s work as an architect and teacher, in the UK and USA. On Intricacy continues conversations between John Meunier and Patrick Lynch that first appeared in Issue 2 of the Journal of Civic Architecture. It also includes essays by Meunier, Lynch and the architect Simon Henley, as well as new photography of the Meunier House at Cambridge by David Grandorge.' Patrick Lynch - Editor

An excerpt of Simon Henley’s contributing essay, At the Edge of the Forest and a Field, concentrates upon The Burrell Collection in Glasgow - Meunier's collaboration with Barry Gasson and Brit Andresen, colleagues in the department of architecture at Cambridge University, can be read here.

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