Hackney New Primary School in RIBAJ

December 2020

In her article ‘The rise and rise of inner city schools’ Josephine Smit writes about Hackney New Primary School, one of a new generation of taller, denser, more complex school designs which are helping urban families to build city-centre communities. With its 'Cloisters not Corridors’ (p24) Hackney New Primary School is planned around a courtyard creating more teaching space whilst reducing the overall size of the school.

As Simon Henley explains, ‘Everyone understands how they fit into the constellation of spaces. When a child arrives at the school, they can see their class and a sibling’s class. Space is a really powerful tool.’ The design incorporates a bench on the street where parents can sit and talk whilst waiting for their children. 'One of the most powerful things a building can do is provide social infrastructure.’

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