Chadwick Hall shortlisted for the Fritz Höger Award 2020 for Brick Architecture

November 2020

We're delighted that Chadwick Hall, a project concerned with history, social purpose, and the way we build, has been shortlisted for the Fritz Höger Award 2020 for Brick Architecture. 

'It was a tough decision for everybody, but Susanne Wartzeck (Chairwoman of the Association of German Architects), Florian Zierer (Grand Prix 2017, Caruso St John Architects), Christoph Ingenhoven (ingenhoven architects), Anja Fröhlich (AFF Architekten) and Ulrich Brinkmann (Bauwelt) made it: They scanned 586 projects and identified the best amongst them. Which of the shortlisted projects will be Nominee, Special Mention, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Prix is to be communicated in January.'

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