98-100 De Beauvoir Road in Architecture Today

August 2023

Architecture Today

Issue 326, July & August 2023

In the latest issue of Architecture Today, Adam Khan applauds a project that navigates a path between slavish conservation and the pitting of old against new.

He highlights "The workspaces at De Beauvoir Road are a good example of what a skilled architect can bring, and in a humble way outline a sense of mastery."

He notes that "The typical delivery of workspace separates a clean generic shell from a branded fit-out. Here, the architect takes a more thorough integrated approach, working the challenges and opportunities of renovation… And so, while a layer of fit-out has arrived with its own sensibility, it doesn't need to do so much work with the base build delivering so much character."

Khan concludes "Of course, this all makes excellent climate and business sense; well thought-through adaptability, expedient use of found struture, economical deployment of new material. By trusting a skilled architect to react and respond in detail all the way through the build process, a smart client has got themselves extremely good value in every sense of the word. Clients and project management consultancies come and see!"

The article is available in print and online here.