333 Kingsland Road & Hackney New Primary School, shortlisted for Housing Design Awards 2021

April 2021

We're delighted that our recently completed mixed-use scheme, 333 Kingsland Road and Hackney New Primary School, a collaboration with The Benyon Estate and Thornsett, has been shortlisted for the 2021 Housing Design Awards.

333 Kingsland Road and Hackney New Primary School combines a community-led school with affordable homes and shops at street level. The residential tower has a landmark quality that together with the courtyard school emphasises the scheme’s urban design credentials relating it back to the city in a generous way; and making for a more walkable neighbourhood.

Its form is molded – “pinched” and “twisted” – creating a solid convex curve as it turns a corner. This is critical in terms of how the architecture plays with its context, introducing movement and depth. Storeys are paired, with generous private amenity spaces carved out of the mass of brickwork further animating the elevations and the public face of the building. In this way, the residential tower reads as a central European type apartment block, especially with its covered arcade, creating generous pavements and shelter from the sun and rain. At the top of the tower, there is an open colonnade capped by a precast entablature, through this open frame, the sky, and life within the landscaped communal terraces are visible.

View the shortlisted scheme here