Poppy Factory
Richmond, London

The scheme unites factory and office staff, and the visiting public by linking the Charity’s three buildings – the original 1932 Art Deco “Factory”, warehouse and post war Brutalist office building - in a single barrier free accessible landscape of connected spaces. The work involves an extension and reconfigured interiors, creating new naturally ventilated and daylit office space within the existing 7m high warehouse, a new foyer, exhibition space, auditorium and café to host daily tours for school children and members of the public. The building’s transformation is completed by a ‘Poppy Portico’. Designed in collaboration with artist Paul Morrison, the portico signifies the role of the organization and campus, and imbues the post war building with civic presence.

Image 1

  • 1702_01_Proposed Entrance Portico & Poppy Artwork_Darc Studio.jpg
    Poppy portico and entrance - the new public face of the Poppy Factory. Image by Darc Studio
  • 1702_02_Proposed cafe space with extension_Darc Studio.jpg
    Cafe and exhibition space. Image by Darc Studio
  • 1702_03_Proposed infill extension creates a new exhibition space_Darc Studio.jpg
    New exhibition space within the extension. Image by Darc Studio
  • 1702_04_Proposed new office within the existing warehouse_Darc Studio.jpg
    Warehouse adapted to create new office space. Image by Darc Studio
  • 1702 Poppy Factory Existing Floor Plan
    Existing ground floor site plan - three isolated buildings
  • 1702 Poppy Factory Proposed Floor Plan
    Proposed ground floor plan - three connected buildings
  • 1702_07_PR_Cross Section through warehouse office and factory-1-100-Selected 3 copy.jpeg
    Cross section through warehouse office space and factory
  • 1702_09_PR_New additions proposed-Exploded Axo-Selected 3 copy.jpeg
    New interventions
  • 1702_11_Model of proposed entrance portico and poppy artwork_PR_Model_FB_1-50_EntranceView-Selected.jpg
    Model of Poppy Portico and entrance
  • 1702_12_The Poppy Factory estate_PR_Oz_Image 1-E-Selected.jpg
    The Poppy Factory estate


  • Appointment: 2017
  • Area: 3505m2
  • Client: The Poppy Factory
  • Planning Consultant: Gerald Eve
  • Structural Engineer: Arup
  • Services Engineer: Arup
  • Building Control: Butler & Young
  • Cost Consultant: Alinea
  • Project Manager: RPM
  • Client Strategic Advisor: Stanhope
  • Access Consultant: David Bennett Associates
  • Contractor: Bryne Group
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