De Beauvoir Block

These six Victorian warehouses are used primarily as studios and offices. They offer well-proportioned daylit spaces with a strong character borne out of their industrial past. Our scheme, which recollects our earlier completed work 10–22 Shepherdess Walk, treats the roof of these warehouses as a landscape in microcosm on which are to be constructed a series of small prefabricated studios.

Image 1

  • dbb-01.jpg
    De Beauvoir Road Elevation (94–96)
  • 1102_photo-02.jpg
    De Beauvoir Road Elevation (92)
  • 1102_perspective.jpg
    Courtyard Perspective
  • 1102_photo-03.jpg
    Access bridge
  • 1102_photo-04.jpg
    Covered entrance
  • 1102_photo-07.jpg
    Courtyard landscaping
  • 1102_photo-06.jpg
    Courtyard looking north
  • 1102_photo-05.jpg
    Courtyard looking south
  • 1102_site.jpg
    Roof Plan
  • 1102_00pln-ex.jpg
    Existing Ground Floor Plan
  • 1102_secAA-ex.jpg
    Existing Section (No. 94)
  • 1102_00pln.jpg
    Proposed Ground Floor Plan
  • 1102_secAA.jpg
    Proposed Section (No. 94)
  • 1102_03pln.jpg
    Proposed Third Floor Plan
  • 1102_photo-08.jpg
    Front roof deck with continuous facade
  • 1102_photo-09.jpg
    Rear roof deck with stepping facade
  • 1102_photo-10.jpg
    Timber clad interior
  • 1102_photo-11.jpg
    Double unit studio space
  • 1102_secBB.jpg
    Proposed Section (No. 92)
  • 1102_photo-12.jpg
    Cross laminated timber office space
  • 1102_photo-14.jpg
    Exposed structure office
  • 1102_secDD.jpg
    Rear building elevation
  • 1102_photo-15.jpg
    No. 92 infill building elevation
  • 1102_photo-16.jpg
    No. 94 infill screen elevation
  • 1102_wele.jpg
    De Beauvoir Road street elevation
  • 1102_isometric.jpg
  • 1102_photo-17.jpg
    Rear roof studio access
  • 1102_photo-18.jpg
    Existing buildings topped with new studios


  • Appointment: 2011
  • Construction start: 2015
  • Completion: 2017
  • Area: GIA Existing 5,745m² Additional 815m²m2
  • Budget: £5.0m
  • Sustainable credentials: 40% improvement
  • Form of contract: JCT Intermediate CDP
  • Client: The Benyon Estate
  • Main Contractor: Sullivan Brothers Construction
  • Quantity Surveyor: Castle-Davis
  • Services Engineer: AJ Energy
  • Structural Engineer: MMP Design
  • Planning Consultant: CMA Planning
  • Approved Inspector: Salus AI
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