Chadwick Hall
Roehampton, London

Commissioned by the University of Roehampton, the three student residences are situated in the grounds of the Grade II* listed 18th Century Georgian villa Downshire House and adjacent to the London County Council’s world renowned Grade II* listed Alton West Estate. The design co-opts the garden, part of this historic parkland setting, to make a convivial plan for the student community.

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  • 9_1213_Photo_NK36.jpg
    Downshire House's garden elevation and South Court seen from west. Lynn Chadwick's The Watchers has been reinstated in the grounds
  • Chadwick_LocationPlan.jpg
    Location plan
  • Chadwick_SitePlan.jpg
    Site plan
  • 9-1213_photo_Nov-16_DG_10.jpg
    Two of the residences are planned around a sunken court that dates from the 1920s. The resulting court creates a focus for student life in the grounds of Downshire House
  • Chadwick_Axonometric_Site.jpg
    Site axonometric
  • 9-1213_photo_Nov-16_DG_14.jpg
    View of sunken garden
  • Chadwick_SiteSection2.jpg
    Site section illustrating (from left to right) an LCC slab block, the West Court and Downshire House itself
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK32_crop.jpg
    The West Residence with the LCC slab block in the distance
  • Chadwick_SiteSection1.jpg
    Unconventional loadbearing brickwork facades mean their construction is not on the critical path. As a result a watertight envelope is achieved early enabling the fit out of the interior to progress in parallel with the brickwork.
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK10B.jpg
    The North Residence viewed from the sunken garden
  • Chadwick_Elevations_NorthResidence.jpg
    Elevations of the North Residence
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK50.jpg
    The North Residence viewed from Roehampton Lane
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK08B.jpg
    The West Residence viewed from the sunken garden
  • Chadwick_Elevations_WestResidence.jpg
    Elevations of the West Residence
  • 9-1213_Photo_DG_30.jpg
    Detail of the private balconies to the West Residence.
  • Chadwick_Axonometric_WestResidence.jpg
    Isometric of the West Residence
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK49.jpg
    Detail of the private balconies to the West Residence.
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK47.jpg
    View from a student bedroom
  • 9-1213_photo_Nov-16_DG_08.jpg
    The Residences pay homage to both the Georgian and the post-war architecture in their materials - brickwork and dark pre-cast concrete.
  • 9_1213_photo_NK23.jpg
    The South Residence viewed from the grounds of Downshire House
  • Chadwick_Elevations_SouthResidence.jpg
    Elevations of the South Residence
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK17.jpg
    The South Residence viewed from the historic tree boundary
  • 9_1213_Photo_DG_19.jpg
    Bay window detail of the South Residence
  • 9_1213_photo_NK42.jpg
    The South Residence staircase
  • 9_1213_photo_NK41_Edit.jpg
    The South Residence staircase
  • 9_1213_photo_NK39-Edit.jpg
    A communal kitchen dining space within the South Residence, looking towards the sunken garden in the distance.
  • 9_1213_photo_NK38-Edit.jpg
    A communal kitchen dining space within the West Residence
  • 9_1213_Photo_NK46-Edit.jpg
    A typical student bedroom with french doors leading to a private balcony overlooking the grounds of Downshire House


  • Appointment: 2012
  • Construction start: 2014
  • Completion: 2016
  • Area: 6365m2
  • Budget: £12.6m
  • Sustainable credentials: BREEAM Very Good
  • Form of contract: Design & Build
  • Client: University of Roehampton
  • Contractor: Morgan Sindall
  • Services Engineer: Skelly & Couch
  • Structural Engineer: Cambell Reith
  • Quantity Surveyor: Bernard Williams Associates
  • Landscape Architect: Gross Max
  • Project Manager: Garndiner & Theobald
  • Planning Consutant: Boyer Planning
  • Heritage Consultant: Urban Counsel
  • Building Inspector: MLM


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