Rick Roberts Way Masterplan London 2020–2021

The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), London Borough of Newham (LBN) and St William commissioned a multidisciplinary Design Team to develop an Urban Design and Landscape Framework for the Rick Roberts Way sites.

The Design Team comprising Henley Halebrown, 5th Studio, JCLA, Max Fordham and Price & Myers cover the fields of Architecture, Urban design, Public realm and landscape, Sustainability, Energy & Utilities and Civil & Transport Engineering.

The sites comprise three parcels of land across a 4.3ha linear site, owned by LLDC, LBN and the National Grid. Together the site aims to deliver a target of 750 homes, a secondary school with a sixth form, and 1.2ha of open space.

Image 1

  • 3000_9_2011_RRW_2-1_Historic-Context.jpg
    Collage of the historic context (circa. 1800-1900)
  • 3000_9_2011_RRW_2-1-1_RRW-Channelsea-1903.jpg
    The Channelsea Creek and Gas Works
  • 3000_9_2011_RRW_4-4_15-min-City.jpg
    The aspiration is to create a ‘15-minute city’ by providing residents of Rick Roberts Way with access to amenities and employment
  • 9_2011_RRW_4-5_Route-Hierarchy
    Plan of guiding aspirations for route hierarchy (not to scale)
  • 9_2011_RRW_4-6_Urban-Landscape-Structure
    Plan of guiding aspirations for urban and landscape structure (not to scale)
  • 9_2011_RRW_4-15_Summary
    Plan summarising the guiding aspirations (not to scale)
  • 3000_9_2011_RRW_5-8_RRW.jpg
    LLDC Mixed-use Residential Site and cross section from Greenway through to RRW showing courts and gardens
  • 3000_9_2011_RRW_5-11_RRW.jpg
    Neighbourhood Spaces – Communal Routes


  • Area: 4.3ham2
  • Client: London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), London Borough of Newham (LBN), St William
  • Urban Design: 5th Studio
  • Landscape Architect: JCLA
  • Services Engineer: Max Fordham
  • Engineering consultant: Price & Myers
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