Hackney New Primary School
Hackney, London

This mixed-use scheme combines a 350-pupil courtyard primary school, 68 dual-aspect apartments and retail space near to Haggerston Overground station in Hackney’s Kingsland Road Conservation Area. The compact footprint of the apartment building frees up much of the site for the school, and protects it from the noise and fumes on this major thoroughfare.

The school, which replaces a former fire station, is the younger sibling of Hackney New School that opened in 2013. The scheme was granted planning permission in 2017. Now on site it will complete in 2019.

Image 1

  • 1508_Courtyard.jpeg
    School Courtyard
  • 1508_Isometric-School.jpeg
    School Axonometric
  • 1508_Isometric-School-Cutaway-.jpeg
    School Axonometric (Cut away)
  • 1508_Downham-east-1.jpg
    Downham Road looking East
  • 1508_Downham-east-2.jpg
    School building onto Downham Road
  • 1508_Kingsland-south-2.jpg
    Kingsland Road looking North
  • 1508_Kingsland-south-1.jpg
    Kingsland Road looking North at junction of Downham Road
  • 1508_Kingsland-north-1.jpg
    Kingsland Road looking South
  • 1508_Kingsland-north-2.jpg
    Detail of the loggia facade from Kingsland Road looking South
  • 1508_Site-1.jpeg
    Precast concrete base detail
  • 1508_Site-2.jpeg
    View of south elevation from Downham Road
  • 1508_SchoolEntrance.jpeg
    Model of school entrance from Downham Road
  • 1508_ModelSouth.jpg
    1:20 Model of South facade
  • 1508_ModelSouthWest.jpg
    1:20 Model of South West facade
  • 1508_Planometric_south.jpeg
    Planometric from South
  • 1508_Axonometric-southeast.jpeg
    Axonometric from South-West
  • 1508_00pln.jpeg
    Ground Floor Plan
  • 1508_01pln.jpeg
    First Floor Plan
  • 1508_02pln.jpeg
    Second Floor Plan
  • 1508_03pln.jpeg
    Third Floor Plan – School roof garden and typical residential floor


  • Appointment: 2015
  • Construction start: 2017
  • Completion: 2019
  • Area: 8,535m2
  • Budget: £23.5m
  • Form of contract: Bespoke
  • Client: Thornsett
  • Client: The Benyon Estate
  • Funding Authority: Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • User Group: Hackney New Primary School Trust
  • Structural Engineer: Techniker
  • M&E (Planning): Elementa
  • Planning Consultant: CMA Planning
  • Potter Raper Partnership: Principal Designer
  • Approved Inspector: MLM
  • Fire Consultant: BWC Fire
  • Acoustic Consultant: Pace Consult
  • Landscape Consultant: Tyler Grange
  • Transport Consultant: Phil Jones Associates
  • Air Quality Assessor: Peter Brett Associates


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